Started in 2018 as an education elective, designed to focus and obsess over teaching a single procedure -- the central line. After dozens of interviews with learners, senior residents and veteran attendings -- we developed a curriculum and set of tools to help teach this fundamental skill in medicine.

We wanted to make cool tools, try new things, and sort through the pile of nonsense out there on the internet; hopefully to prevent a mountain of patient harm -- and make residency education a little less painful.

The information presented on this website are our personal views, opinions, and research and do not represent those of our employer nor our department. Any relevant financial disclosures to make are done by the individual team members below who contribute a significant amount to the website. Any mention of drugs or medical products is done only in the setting of clinical and educational discussion, and does not represent my endorsement of those drugs or products. Do not use this website for medical advice. The information here is intended only for use by Emergency Medicine physicians, residents, nurses, midlevel providers, and other qualified medical personnel.

Justin Henneman

PGY 4 EM Resident

NYP Emergency Medicine


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